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Why should you partner with queues?

There are 35,000 students at Georgia Tech who need to eat throughout the day. 

These students have on average 5 windows throughout the day that they could go and get a bite to eat.


The biggest decision factor for students wait time.

If a student has 30 minutes until their next class they wont risk walking to your restaurant even if it is currently empty because they don't want to risk wasting a trip or being late to class. 

These are thousands of potentially lost sales occurring everyday simply because a student has no accurate way to know how busy you are. 

How Queues Works

We solve the problem of not knowing how busy the line is with our queues vision sensors.

By installing one of these sensors at your restaurant we collect live wait times through out the day so that students can see with certainty the best times to come and eat at your restaurant.

Knowing the exact wait time for your off campus restaurant will make students 10x times more likely to eat at your restaurant on any given day.


What is queues?

The queues app is the ultimate tool in your restaurants advertising arsenal.


For the first time, you now have a direct line to your biggest local and consistent customer base: college students

With regular updates to provide unparalleled value the queues app allows you to accomplish what the biggest brands in the industry spend millions of dollars on every year: Reach your customers at the crucial decision point.

Everyday when students are hungry queues is where they will go to make their dining decision - the only question is - do you want them to see you?

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