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Increase your sales

Time is a valuable currency for college students. So much so that 1 in 3 students regularly skip meals because they assume local dining will be too busy.

With the queues app, students will be able to know with confidence the best times to visit your location, allowing you to turn skipped meals into revenue. 

For already popular locations that worry students knowing if they are busy will cause a loss of sales, our research has shown that for popular dining locations students will dine more regularly if they can know what time of day your location is least busy so they can plan their meal time around that schedule. 

Wait Times In The Palm Of Your Hand

Reduce your wage


With the queues dashboard you can see exactly when you can afford to reduce staffing to save on one the biggest dining overheads: wages.

Additionally, we help you plan when you need to increase staffing to make sure you lines never get so big that they make you lose revenue.

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See marketing effectiveness in


Have you ever wanted to know if your marketing dollars are being well spent?

With the queues dashboard you can clearly see week-over-week trends of in-store traffic to see what, if any, traction a marketing campaign is providing. 

This will allow you to experiment until you find the marketing strategy that helps you achieve your optimal revenue goals.

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